Top Security Services

Government Security Excelsior Defense

Government / DOD

The Government Protective Services Group of Excelsior Defense focuses on providing security officers to municipal, county, state and federal agencies.

Airport Security Excelsior Defense


Excelsior Defense Airport Security Officers are responsible for the safety of huge numbers of people and very expensive aircraft in addition to airport terminals and surrounding areas.

Maritime Port Security Excelsior Defense

Port / Maritime

Excelsior Defense provides the Moxie Media & SeaSecure Maritime Security ISPS & MTSA Compliance Training Courses to all security officers prior to working at a port assignment.

Industrial Security Excelsior Defense


Protecting industrial complexes is the role of the Industrial Protective Services Group of Excelsior Defense.

Financial Bank Security Excelsior Defense


Since 1994, Excelsior Defense has been providing both uniformed and non-uniformed officer services to Fortune 1000 companies nationwide.

Commercial Security Excelsior Defense


Workplace violence has become a real and constant risk in the corporate environment.

Retail Security Excelsior Defense


The Consumer Protective Group of Excelsior Defense provides protective services and uniformed security officers to retail environments.

Upper Class Privileged Class Excelsior Defense

Privileged Class

Drawing from all of our resources and the many years of security experience; we have developed something unseen in our industry. PRIVILEGED CLASS.

Residential Security Excelsior Defense


Protecting residential communities, hotels, resorts and other permanent and temporary lodging establishments is the job of Excelsior’s Domicile Protective Group.


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We provide security at the highest level in the following states: Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas & Virginia.
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7 We have offices in seven states

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas & Virginia.

250 Highly Highly Trained Guards

We have over 250 highly trained guards to make sure that we are in good hands.

#2868 out of the top 5000 businesses in the country.

We are a 5 time Inc. honoree, with a 3 year growth of over 130%.